The Wooden Spoon: Gym Etiquette


The gym can be a prime place for rudeness.  One may not think there is a need for manners and etiquette in a place where sweating and grunting are perfectly normal.  Manners are just as important in the gym as they are at the dinner table.  These eight rules supply a great guideline for proper gym etiquette.

1.) Re-rack your weights:  No one likes hunting for weights.  Put them away in their respective homes when you’re done even if that’s not where you found it.

2.)  Sharing:  Unless you are the only member in the gym, you need to share weights and machines with other members.  Let other members “work in” – alternate sets with you- that way you both get a rest period and knock out an exercise on your training log to get a good work out in.  Also, don’t hover while waiting for someone to finish, that’s just rude.

3.)  Clean up after yourself:  Keep a towel with you to wipe your sweat.  All gyms provide sanitizer and towels to wipe down the equipment when you’re done with it.  Slippery weights and a pool of someone else’s sweat is just gross.

4.)  Drinking fountain:  Don’t hog it and don’t spit in it.  Carry a water bottle if you drink a lot during a work-out.  Use the garbage can for spitting.

5.)  Traffic Flow:  Don’t congregate or block walkways.  People trying to move around you and your group of friends chatting may bump someone in the middle of an exercise and cause them to drop a weight.

6.)  Gym bag:  Use the lockers provided.  End of story.

7.)  Cell phone:  Leave it in your locker.  Nothing is more irritating and distracting than the person next to you gabbing away on a Bluetooth.  Also, if you’re able to carry on a full conversation, then you’re probably not exerting much effort and really not getting a good workout.

8.)  Locker Room:  Don’t treat it like your own bathroom.

–  Don’t take a marathon shower when others are waiting.  Also, what goes in the shower with you comes out.  Ladies, this includes that pile of hair from the drain.

–  Don’t hog the mirror or blow dryer.  If you shed a lot of hair while brushing and drying, make sure it makes it way to the garbage can.

–  Don’t take up the bench with all your clothes.  Share the bench and shut your locker when you leave.

–  Put your towel in the dirty bin; don’t leave it out for others to clean up after you.