Kiel James Patrick and ’47 Brand

The final day of “American Pride” week is capped off with accessories.  Since bracelets are a must, the JFK Turk’s Head Knot bracelet from Kiel James Patrick wins the award for patriotism and fashion.  KJP handcrafts all his items at his factory in Rhode Island and likes to keep production here in America.  The JFK is made of twisted cotton cord and ties together with the signature KJP anchor clasp.  KJP puts a new twist on a beach favorite with the Turk’s Head Knot bracelets that are also available in a variety of colors.  Not only will the JFK support the Red, White, and Blue during the Olympics, the variety of color combinations available will have you in a summer mood all year long.

In addition to bracelets, baseball season is in full swing and summer is at its peak.  Sunglasses are always the first choice, but when a hat is needed for those “my hair just won’t cooperate” days, a personal favorite to keep on hand is my Minnesota Twins vintage blue hat from ’47 Brand.  Always a conversation piece out and about with a group of male friends to support for the local baseball team and reprieve from the sun, never a bad idea to keep your hat with you.