College Football Kick-off: State Traditions

With the kick-off of college football starting this weekend, North Star Dixie will be highlighting apparel to keep you outfitted on game day and show support for your favorite team.  Saturday highlights two big names in college football; the University of Michigan and the University of Alabama.  With The Tide as a headliner and defending BCS champion, starting off college football week with State Traditions is a must.

I have been watching this company for quite some time now, and have enjoyed seeing them grow from their initial start-up of a few state pieces for southern states like Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi to covering the entire country.  State Traditions was founded in 2007 and based out of Birmingham, AL.  Their goal is to offer apparel and accessories that bring a home state connection.  Whether your home state is your number one team, or a few different teams make you feel at home, State Traditions has what you need.  Starting out with polo shirts, State Traditions has expanded their line of products to belts, visors, ties, hats, and t-shirts.  Most recently, the gang from Birmingham teamed up with Southern Proper to produce a line of ties and bowties in fun state-shaped patterns with the state flag inside the outline.  State Traditions is a great way to show your state pride during tailgates and gives your game day outfit a hand up.


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