College Game Day: Pennington & Bailes

Autumn Saturdays mean all-day marathons of college football.  Whether you’re attending a game and tailgating, watching from afar at a favorite watering hole or in the comfort of your own home, Pennington & Bailes has what you need to stay well-dressed.  Pennington & Bailes was founded by Mel Pennington and Tygh Bailes in 2005.  Their mission was to bring a classic and preppy flair to the college football scene, something that was lacking at the time.  P&B is known for their Stadium Pants, well made cotton-twill pants with the embroidered logo of your favorite team.  The pants are not hemmed on purpose so each pair can be hemmed to the owners’ specifications.

Since selling their first pair of Stadium Pants in 2006, P&B has expanded their line to shorts, polos, women’s skirts, dresses, neck wear, accessories, and their Men’s Coach’s Shirt.  Their attention to detail sets their products apart from anything else you may find.  Contrasting colors line the inside of their pants and button areas on their polos.  Currently, P&B offers their line for SEC schools, a few ACC schools, and some other southern schools, but also carry favorite Midwest schools such as Penn State, Mizzou (yes they are in the SEC, but still Midwest), Notre Dame*, and Nebraska*.  P&B is currently working on licensing with the Big 10, so North Star Dixie will be on the lookout for when these schools are available.  Looking to connect with Pennington & Bailes?  Check them out on Twitter (@PnBSportswear) and on Facebook (  P&B is a great company, great product, and great people.  My experience with them thus far has been nothing short of high quality, which they extend to each and every customer.  Make sure to grab your Stadium Pants and be the best dressed on campus!

Alabama Stadium Pants

Alabama Women’s Skirt

*Both Notre Dame and Nebraska are currently unavailable on the P&B website, but Notre Dame is available on their bookstore website.  Once they are back in stock, I’ll post the link for P&B.