Fjallräven Greenland Parka

Women's Greenland Parka

Women’s Greenland Parka

Old Man Winter is back!  We were cheated with the thermometer tipping 30 a few days ago and now a high of 0 with a wind chill of -22 leaves us layering as we head out the door.  Fjallräven hails from Sweden with a flagship store in New York and stockists around the US and Canada.  If it’s good enough for the Swedes, it’s good enough for me!  The Greenland Parka ($350) is available in both men’s and women’s styles.

Fjallräven has built this parka since 1972 with a long torso to protect your midsection from the harsh winds winter can bring.  The Greenland is also designed to be coated with Greenland Wax for extra protection against wind and rain, which is a must come mid-winter and frigid days like today.  The front is adorned with pockets, as well as two on the inside to hold hats and gloves while not wearing them, or to keep that cell phone in convenient reach.  Find the hood attached for extra wind protection and pick from one of six different colors.  The women’s Greenland Parka is tailored for a women’s body to make it distinctly different from the men’s cut.  A parka is much needed on a day like today, or any winter day at that.

Men's Greenland Parka

Men’s Greenland Parka