Chicago Belt Company

D-Ring Chicago Flag Belt

Belts are a necessity for any wardrobe, and the classic D-ring belts, ribbon belts, and tie belts are no stranger to a prep wardrobe.  While these are all fabulous belts we all wear for a lifetime, only a few if any at all, truly represent a lifestyle for the Midwest.  This has been the mission of Chicago Belt Company.  Rob, the owner and founder of Chicago Belt Co., left his desk job in 2011 to pursue his dream of having his own company.  He was tired of not having a brand that truly represented the Midwest and our way of life, so he decided to start a clothing line that focuses on the Great Lakes lifestyle.

What Rob created were d-ring belts with the Great Lakes mapped on them.  Recently, Chicago Belt Co. added leather tabbed belts to their lineup; a create-your-own Great Lakes belt with webbing options pattern options.  The pre-made belts are a range of options from the Chicago flag, anchors named The Mackinac, Great Lakes, Chicago Style Hot Dog, red Christmas plaid, seersucker, and a lacrosse belt.  Rob has done a great job of capturing the Great Lakes lifestyle in his belts.  In addition to being made in the USA, the belts have crisp lines, quality fabric and materials, and versatile for any occasion makes Chicago Belt Co. a great brand.  It’s exciting to have a lifestyle line right here in the Midwest for the Midwest.

Leather Tabbed Chicago Flag