Flyover Press

The South is loud and proud.  The East is a beast and always ready to show it.  The West is laid back yet ready to take on the world. What does the Midwest have?  Humble pride.  HOMES PrintAnd that’s just the beginning.  There are many brands that represent the pride of all the other geographical locations, yet few pull the Midwest to the front of the line.  Flyover Press is paving the way for Midwest pride with t-shirts, tanks, and the ever-popular letterpress prints.

Most are familiar with The Old Try and the Southern themed prints that are adorning walls from Maryland to the Gulf of Mexico and back around.  With the desire to bring the same love to the Midwest, Flyover Press is currently printing for 9 states and possibly expanding to more.  In addition to the state pride prints, Flyover Press unveiled the HOMES print in their launch for all who love the Great Lakes region.  Growing up in Minnesota, HOMES was the way we learned the names of all 5 lakes.  I’m sure this was the norm across the country, but Flyover Press couldn’t have picked a better kick-off print.
FLyover Tee

Prints aren’t the only way to show off your Midwest pride.  Flyover Press has to have the SOFTEST t-shirt I have ever put on.  Thanks to Nick, I’ve been sporting the Land I Love the Best t-shirt ($27.50) around. 100% ringspun cotton, made in the USA and printed in Indianapolis.  The keynote script logo on the front brings a touch of class to what some see as an every day t-shirt.  The back features an outline of the Midwest  filled in with the American Flag.  Taking the first line of the “I love Iowa” song and applying it to the whole region, the tag line under the print reads “Midwest, the land I love the best” in script.  Adorn your walls and show your pride with a print and a tee.  Keep watching Flyover Press and show your support.  There is still much to come from this freshman brand with so much potential.  Now let’s get decorating!
North Star State