Excelsior Bay Clothing Company

A well known fact here on North Star Dixie is my love for the “little guy.” You know, the ones starting out, practicing entrepreneurism and putting the American Dream out on display. They are living the dream and learning the tricks of the trade along the way. Another group of people I love here on NSD? The LOCAL little guys! Two high school seniors have started Excelsior Bay Clothing Company as part of a school project turned real life. Growing up on the shores of Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, their love for the nautical lifestyle has been engrained in them since birth. Now these two young gents have set out to bring the Upper Midwest a little more preppy flair.

Alex and Will are currently seniors at Minnetonka High School who had the opportunity to be apart of the schools’ Vantage program. Designed to get kids more involved in business and serve as a “think tank”, Vantage is where Excelsior Bay Clothing Company came to life. With influences from the big kids on the block such as Brooks Brothers and Kiel James Patrick, Alex and Will are making waves with the debut of their first hats and long sleeve shirts.excelsior bay logo

The logo of the Kedge and a sailor’s wheel pays homage to their nautical surroundings and background. Embroidered on the left side of the long sleeve spinnaker shirt ($30) in white or grey, the EBCC logo is easy to spot on this simple yet classic long sleeve that is ready for a day on the boat or running around town and drinks on the deck. The second debut item from EBCC is the anchor hat ($18) available in white (a NSD favorite), navy, and red. Excelsior Bay is constantly working on new products and are dropping some big players this summer! Make sure to watch out for them and get your anchor hats and shirts ready for the summer!